Saltwater Pools

Saltwater Pools

Custom Saltwater Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Install a Custom Saltwater Pool for the Ultimate Swimming Experience

Traditional chlorine pools rely on chemicals to keep the water clean and sanitized. While it does the job, those same chemicals can be more costly, involve more maintenance, and even irritate swimmers over time. Saltwater pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are different. Our custom saltwater installations give you one of the easiest, most relaxing swimming experiences you can get with little to no side effects, no matter how often you’re in the water.

Our designers will work with you to build to your specifications and style. With every saltwater pool build, we utilize the most advanced filtration and flow technology and incorporate the gentlest materials to reproduce a swim you would have in a crystal blue sea. Contact us today to learn more about your custom saltwater pool options, schedule your estimate. Let us create a softer, better pool experience you’ll love for life.

Why Choose a Custom Saltwater Pool?

All pools need a filtration system to keep the water clear. Whether that system relies on chemicals and intricate filtration and flow systems depend on budget, space, and saltwater pool design preference. Our customers often opt for the ease and enjoyment of a custom saltwater installation as it offers the comfort, savings, and low-maintenance ownership that other pool types can’t match. Consider these advantages if you’re making your choice between saltwater and chlorine-infused pools:

Chemical-Free Maintenance: Saltwater pools require almost no chemicals for safe use and less cleaning due to the water's salt content. The salt acts as an effecting cleansing agent, continuously “shocking” pool water molecules as they pass through the saltwater cells. This natural process virtually eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and keeps the water clean.

Savings: The costs for maintaining a custom saltwater pool installation are generally much lower than their chlorinated counterpart. Whereas traditional pools require more advanced equipment and machinery to operate, saltwater pools rely on salt chlorine generators and a natural filtration process. Opting for this system can save most home or business owners up to $400 per year in operating and material costs.

More Enjoyable Swims: When you open your eyes under fresh or chlorinated water, it can cause discomfort. Why? Humans absorb water through osmosis. With a custom in-ground saltwater pool, this effect is dramatically reduced because osmosis is diminished. Additionally, the salt content of a saltwater pool is approximately 10% of the ocean, becoming virtually undetectable to your body. What does all this science mean to you? There is no irritation to your skin and eyes whenever you swim, only endless entertainment.

Saltwater Pools

Salt vs. Chlorine Chemicals

Saltwater pools have one of the most efficient sanitization processes in the industry. The natural cleansing power of salt combined with our modern saltwater chlorinators keeps algae, fungus, and other contaminants out of your pool. But how do the saltwater chlorinators found in our custom installations stack up against alternative chemical kinds? Saltwater chlorinators are safer, self-cleaning, and easier to automate, adding lower amounts of ultra-pure sanitizer over time for improved comfort. Due to this enhanced efficiency, custom saltwater pools are easier on swimmers’ skin and eyes and require less annual saltwater pool maintenance. In fact, saltwater chlorinators and custom saltwater pools account for almost 70% of all new pools being built in the United States today! Contact Atlas Pools to learn more about the benefits of saltwater chlorination and schedule your installation estimate.

Additional Saltwater Pool Enhancements

Custom-built saltwater pools from Atlas are fully functional works of art, tailored to reflect your unique style and preferences. In addition to our base water features, however, our company offers so much more in terms of enhancing accents to give your pool the perfect look and feel. From custom decking and pool lighting to fencing and water features, our designers will help you construct the outdoor landscape of your dreams using the finest equipment and materials in the industry. These exciting additions can include:

Saltwater Pool Decking: We use trusted industry names like Flagstone for all our pavers and decking. Whether you want a custom pattern for your pool decking or simply a non-slip surface for safety, if you can dream it, we can do it.

Pool Enclosures & Fencing: Pool fencing and enclosures for pets, small children, and guests. Atlas Pools provides stunning perimeters for our saltwater pools that you can count on for life.

Pool Lighting: Make your custom saltwater build stand out with exciting lighting in a variety of colors, intensities, and styles.

Water Features: Waterfalls, fire, fountain bubblers, grottos, hot tubs – these are just a few of the breathtaking enhancements we offer for your saltwater installation. Talk to our custom saltwater pool builders about the myriad water features we offer.

Landscaping Rocks: Though not natural river rocks, our synthetic landscaping rocks inspire awe and admiration in your guests. Designed to look identical to the real thing with less than half the weight, these features can add texture and beauty to your custom saltwater pool space.

Contact Atlas Pools for Your Custom-Built Saltwater Pool

A custom-built saltwater pool can be the ultimate aquatic feature for your home or business. Trust the designers at Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. to create the saltwater installation of your dreams and deliver an easy, impressive entertainment feature that is uniquely you. Contact us today to schedule your personalized estimate.

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