Plunge Pools

Plunge Pools

Custom Plunge Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Discover the Perfect Way to Cool Down with a Custom Plunge Pool Installation

Traditional pools can be expensive and take up a good percentage of your yard. Sometimes, you simply want a water feature that fits cozily into your existing interior or to add a special something to your outdoor space. Custom plunge pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are the solution. Since the 1970s, our family-owned and operated company has helped home and business owners realize their dream of pool ownership with these stylish, versatile installations.

We follow the same tailored construction process as we do for all our custom pools, dedicating the time, resources, and expertise you expect, but on a smaller scale. Working with our company, you can have the stylish, eye-catching aquatic accent you want to impress your guests, relax after a long day, and save money and space without sacrificing your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our plunge pool designs or to schedule your personalized estimate.

Plunge Pools

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a small, deep, compact pool that is generally used for wading, lounging, cooling down, and various forms of low-impact exercise. Because of their smaller size, you cannot swim in them, but you can use them to enjoy your ideal outdoor setting while sitting and drinking something cold (or hot, as you prefer). Aesthetically stunning and completely customizable, plunge pools seamlessly blend with surrounding accents, stonework, and landscaping for unmatched appeal. Unlike traditional pools, they require lower maintenance and can be installed in even smaller outdoor spaces with ease. Athletes enjoy plunge pools after vigorous workouts. Homeowners in warmer climates use them as a respite from the heat. Plunge pools are built for leisure but can also be modified with jets, depending on the size of the pool, to allow for swimming against a current. Contact Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. to learn more about our custom plunge pools or to schedule your estimate.

The Perfect Size and Depth for a Plunge Pool

At Atlas Pools, our customers inquire about the proper size and depth of a plunge pool on an almost daily basis. Because all of our work is customized to the available space, style, and outdoor surroundings, our answers vary. However, there are some general guidelines we follow when constructing your unique plunge pool:

Built for Purpose: Plunge pools are made for relaxation. They are not built for high-impact exercise or large-scale pool games. Plunge pools should always be deep enough to submerge your entire body but can also be modified to shallower depths for lighter use.

Volume & Depth: Plunge pools come in various custom shapes, so the volume of your pool will differ. Round pools, for instance, have a diameter of ten feet. Half-circle pools have a radius of eight feet. Square pools have 8-ft sides. The depth and volume will depend on these measurements. The standard plunge pool depth is approximately four to eight feet.

Area: The dimensions of your plunge pool are entirely up to you. A typical plunge pool is approximately 8x8 or 8x16 feet.

Custom Shapes: Square pools will provide the most usable space. However, you can request any number of shapes for your custom installation, including round pools, half-circles, L-shaped pools, and more.

Our Custom Plunge Pool Installation Process

No matter where our plunge pool builders install your water feature, it must be accessible. We have the advanced capabilities to place it indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference, and our concrete plunge pools are typically delivered in one piece. If installed indoors, the custom plunge pool components fit easily through doorways and up and downstairs. Atlas Pools also gives you the custom options of in-ground, aboveground, or partially in-ground, as well as the best available paver stones, tile, and additional advanced equipment. Contact us to schedule your installation estimate.

The Benefits of a Plunge Pool

Though smaller than traditional pools, plunge pools are big on benefits. Throughout Central Florida, hundreds of home and business owners request custom plunge pool installations for their versatility, entertainment, regenerative properties, and aesthetic value. Some of the top advantages of plunge pools include:

Efficient Temperature Control: No matter what the season, you can create the ideal temperature for your plunge pool using our intuitive controls. Because of the lower water volume, they can be heated quickly in winter or rapidly cooled in the summer to give you the best experience year-round.

Increased Home Resale Value: Building a custom plunge pool, and updating the space surrounding it, can raise the property value of your home, should you wish to sell in the future. Plunge pools provide not only stunning aesthetics for your yard but also an attractive, entertaining feature that is guaranteed to attract buyers.

Low-Maintenance Versatility: Though still equipped with our state-of-the-art technology, plunge pools require less maintenance than traditional pools. They can also be made to fit anywhere to match your indoor or outdoor decor. The versatility and low maintenance of these small area pools act as the main draw for home and business owners.

Low Impact Exercise: With plunge pools, you have a space for low-impact exercise, recovery, and rejuvenation. The soothing waters and optional jets help eliminate stress on joints, minimize tension and pressure on the muscles during activity, and reduce pain. Plunge pools make the perfect place to burn more calories and lose weight without the extra stress on your body.

Contact Atlas Pools for Your Custom Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are one of the hottest items in the industry for excellent reasons. They act as a centerpiece for your stylish space and offer endless entertainment, relaxation, and rejuvenating calm. When you want a plunge pool for your home or business, reach out to the professionals at Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. Our experts can help you experience mini dipping at its very best. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

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