Modern Pools

Modern Pools

Custom Modern Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Sleek and Stunning Modern Pool Designs

When you want a personal relaxing retreat in your own backyard with clean lines and smooth aesthetics, a modern pool is the perfect choice. Modern style pools have a stunning design with a sleek, customized feel. Custom modern pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are an excellent addition for a fun, beautiful place to take a dip. For over 40 years, our family-owned and operated company has designed and built breathtaking swimming pools and hot tubs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom modern pools or to schedule your personalized estimate.

Modern Pools

What Is A Modern Pool?

Geometric shapes and clean lines often characterize modern pools. Many times people love to add mosaic tile flooring, sleek stone-like designs, and all-white concrete pillars. Modern pools don't have to mean adding high-tech innovations or high-end materials. They're more about designing a pool with a seamless, timeless look. Whether you're going for a minimal modern look or want all the latest and greatest technological innovations, we can help you design and build the perfect customized modern pool.

Modern Pool Designs

Some of the most popular modern pool designs include:

  • Smart Connectivity – We can design your custom modern pool with smart connections to monitor the water temperature, control lighting, and get alerts about malfunctions. Some people like to add the technological advances of a camera view or alerts to know if something falls into the pool.
  • Shape – Rectangular pools are the most common types of modern pool designs. If you want a more contemporary look, many people choose a flowing curved shape.
  • Different Tiles – Modern pools don't always have the blue nylon finish. They're made with patterned tiles, stone-look finishes, and murals.
  • Minimal Look – A simple minimalist style is all about limiting décor and going with smooth surfaces and subtle designs. A modern pool with a minimal look strays from rock grottos and statues and sticks with ambient lighting and minimal decorations.
  • Sun Shelves – Sun shelves are shallow pool decks that let you relax in the water while sunbathing. They're perfect for a shallow place to enjoy life then dive into the water.
Modern Pools

Custom Modern Pool Design

Atlas Pools has an experienced team of designers that will work tirelessly to create a modern pool design especially for you. Whether you want a modern pool with jacuzzi or a specific modern pool design, we'll work with you to ensure your dreams come true. Our PoolStudio's 3D CAD Drawing program ensures our modern pool design is precisely fit for your needs. We have over 190 different pool layouts and 125 tile samples. No matter the modern design you have in mind, we can bring it to life.

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Modern pools provide a timeless design with sleek lines and beautiful aesthetics. Less is more when it comes to a modern pool design. We offer everything you need to customize the perfect modern pool, including spas, LED lighting, handrails, outdoor kitchens, and water features. When you want a modern pool for your home or business, reach out to Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc professionals!

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Atlas Pools is passionate about building the right pool for you. Whether you want a traditional look or a unique swimming pool or spa, our experienced team of designers will work tirelessly to tailor a design that perfectly fits your lifestyle.