Pets And Pools: A Safety Guide

Pets And Pools: A Safety Guide

It is fun to enjoy the company of your pet with you in the pool. However, if certain measures are not put in place the pool itself can harm your pet physically or even lead to its death.

To prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening, you'll need to put some safety measures in place. Here is your complete guide for pool safety for pets.

1. Prepare the Pool for the Pet

Pets And Pools

These are some pool management safety precautions you will need to focus on.

I. Prepare a Pool Playground for your Pet

If you can afford the luxury, it is a great idea to have a pool playground for your pets. So that while you are having your cool swim, your pet is also having fun playing with floating toys in the pool.

One of the benefits of this exercise is the opportunity for both pet and parent to have fun. It would also increase the bond between the two of you and make your pet more attentive and expressive. It is however important to fool- proof the playground. More on this below.

II. Create Safety Measures Around the Pool

These are some of the safety measures you can put in place.

Install A Pool Fence
Pets And Pools

You may have to install a fence if you own a pet and a swimming pool. Installing a removable, easily installable fence that will serve as a barrier between the animal and the pool. It also helps you to control the access of the pet to the pool. Not to mention that it's a great tool for training your pet.

Besides, a pool fence has the advantage of serving as a windbreaker for days when there are strong winds that can harm your pet during swimming sessions.

Remove Chemical Materials from the pool surroundings

Keep the pool environment clean at all times. This is one of the best pieces of advice you can follow when it comes to the safety of your pets.

Pets are fond of licking and chewing on items on the floor as they move around. This means you have to ensure that nothing that can harm them, such as cleaning chemicals around the pool when your pet is there to play.

Buy safety devices for your pet

It is recommended that you acquire certain safety items for your pet. This could ensure the survival of your pet in cases of emergency.

An example is a life jacket. This can save your pet from drowning if they ever fall into the water.

First Aid

Having a first aid kit and the skill to rightly administer it could be a lifesaver for your pet. One of the skills that might come in handy is how to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

This should be learned just in case it might be needed to save your pet's life before a more comprehensive treatment, such as in the case of drowning. Your first aid kit should be kept close to where the swimming pool is for easy access.

Cover-up exposed electrical wirings and sockets

Pets naturally wouldn't understand electrical wiring and how harmful it can be. This is why you should cover up any exposed electrical sockets around your pool that might attract your pet.

Use Pool Covers
Pets And Pools

Pool Covers are originally there to prevent dirt, animals, and kids from straying into the pool. It also helps to regulate heat and prevent undue water evaporation.

Using a pool cover gives you control over when your pet can be in the pool since most pool covers are automated. You will have to determine when the pool cover is at work and when the pool is exposed.

2. Preparing your Pet for the Pool

Pets And Pools

While the first part of this article deals with how to ensure your pool is safe, the second part focuses on how to prepare your furry friend for the pool. Here are some of the things you can do.

Know your Pet's Health Status

Swimming primarily is an exercise. Your pet's health and fitness must be guaranteed before you take it through the rigors of swimming. Don't assume that your pet's health is fine, rather ascertain it by going for a general checkup before swimming.

Also watch out for signs of illness in pets like sneezing, blurred vision, loss of focus, loss of appetite, pains, etc.

Train your Pets to Swim

Pets And Pools

Most pet owners ignorantly assume that their pets know how to swim. This might not be the case. You should intentionally train your pet on how to swim.

It is relatively easy to train pets such as dogs that have been programmed on how to receive instructions. All you will have to do is to give the instructions during swimming lessons and practice till they get it.

The secret is that some pets can naturally paddle; this makes swimming easy. If you are finding this hard to do, you can employ a pet trainer to help!

Train your Pet on safety

There is no point in having safety appliances installed if your pets don't know how to use them. Training a pet for safety can be tricky but the secret to finding it easy is to see your pet like a child.

Give your pet the training the way you would give a child and before you know it, they will understand the message you are passing across. A training instructor can also be a great help.

Pets And Pools

Make Time for Play

One of the fastest ways to help your pet learn is to play with them. While playing, your pet subconsciously, but actively learns from you.

So take a walk around the pool, and lead by example. Be sure to model what you would love your furry friend to copy. Remember, your pet is watching and learning, therefore be intentional about safety.

Safe-Proof your Pool for your Pets with Atlas Pools

It's great to want your pets around the pool but you need to ensure they stay safe. Following the tips above can help you create a safe swimming pool environment for your pets while you play and bond together.

Need help in making your swimming pool pet friendly? Atlas Pools is your go-to for the best pet-friendly pools. They can help with pool cover installation, pet training, and other pool safety activities and devices you may need.

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