How to Improve Your Pool Energy Efficiency

Having a pool at home is beautiful and a great asset to your house. However, installing and maintaining pools requires and costs a lot of energy usage. Except if you know how to turn your pool into an energy-efficient one.

This way you can conserve and convert the energy used by the pool into more resourceful uses. The idea behind energy efficiency is to ensure that the whole process involved in pool management and use leads to a balance of energy available in the ecosystem.

This means that swimming doesn't become a pollution-generating and energy-wasting exercise. Continue reading to understand improved energy efficient pools, why it's necessary, how to improve the pool energy efficiency and the benefits.

Why is Improved Pool Energy Efficiency Necessary?

How to Improve Your Pool Energy Efficiency

1. Less Energy Required

Have you ever checked your electricity bills and heaved a sigh? That's what happens when you are constantly heating your pool up for swimming. With improved pool energy efficiency, you can swim in peace. Literarily. It saves your heater the job of heating the pool and drastically reduces the energy required to heat your pool. The result? Your electricity bill is drastically reduced.

2. Healthier Environment

When you stop or reduce using the conventional heating system for your pool, you are also helping the environment. This means the release of harmful gas into the atmosphere is also reduced significantly. The introduction of an alternative heating system like solar for your pool will guarantee a healthier environment and you won't be contributing to global warming.

3. Increased New Technological Innovations

With an increase in the use of improved energy-efficient pools, a lot of technology companies will increase their game and bring up further innovations that will help the energy-efficient pools. You can be sure you will see better pumps, pipes and pool designs that conserve energy.

Now that you know why it is necessary to use energy-efficient pools, you should find out how to improve your pool's energy efficiency

How To Improve Your Pool's Energy Efficiency

Pool Cover Installation

A pool cover is one of the best ways to reduce energy loss by the pool. The idea behind a pool cover is to have a covering over the pool that prevents or allows heat loss and gain.

This will help you in two ways. First, it will help with heat regulation and prevention of evaporation of water due to high heat. It will also save you cost as you wouldn't need to keep using too much energy on pumps.

This may also totally replace the need for windbreaks as pool covers are more effective than windbreaks in conserving heat.

Use Adequate Pool Filters

Filters ensure the cleanliness of the water being pumped into your pool. Using a small pool filter to your pump and pool size will make your pool filter overwork itself to achieve this assignment.

This will increase the energy consumed and can even wear out the pump and the filter altogether. It is therefore advisable that you use a pool filter that is large enough for your pool size. Larger filters are always better because of their larger surface area for water passage.

Energy Saving Lighting

One of the major features that add beauty to the pool is the lighting system around the pool. Installation of lighting and other electrical appliances(like the pool pump), really increases the amount and cost of energy consumed.

The major solution to this is to use more effective but cheap alternatives for lighting. You can explore the advantages of energy-saving bulbs and solar systems.

This will effectively power other electrical appliances that are needed to operate and maintain the pool. You will have your good litter, and a beautiful pool with less energy consumed.

Pool Landscaping and Windbreaks

Most pool owners and managers are not aware of the importance of using windbreaks and having a good landscape that helps to reduce the energy consumption of their pool. Any major increase in the amount of wind anytime a pool is in use will automatically increase the energy consumption of the pool.

The idea behind the landscape is to make sure that the pool is oriented in a direction that does not allow for much wind interaction. Also, windbreaks like walls and trees can help reduce the amount of available wind.

Leverage on technology

The good news is that most of the operations of a pool can be automated. You can make use of automatic pump timers, automatic pool cleaners, automatic pool covers, automatic lighting systems etc, as you operate your pool.

Automating pool operations will limit human interference and errors, this allows you to be in charge of when and how energy is consumed. All you will have to do is to plan the durations each automated service will be in use.

Energy-Efficient Pool Finish

Efficient energy conservation in a pool starts with how the finishing of the pool is done. The finishing of your pool should be done in such a way that limited sun rays come into the water's surface. This way, you can easily regulate the temperature of your pool.

A good way to achieve this is to ensure that the surface of your pool is darkened. Darkened pool tends to absorb heat more than other types of finishing. This will save you the cost of heating the pool every time in the long run.

Benefits of Efficient Energy Saving

How to Improve Your Pool Energy Efficiency

Lower Energy Consumption

The use of solar systems and energy-saving bulbs will automatically reduce the energy consumed. This also means the heat generated by your pool is highly regulated.

Lower Cost

Once you can successfully lower the amount of energy consumed by your pool, you can automatically also lower the amount you spend on electricity. Thus, lower energy consumption saves costs.

Eco-friendly swimming Environment

The reduction of energy in use invariably allows for a safer environment. This is because an energy-efficient pool has a lesser impact on the environment and ensures your pool needs don't come at the expense of the environment.

Great swimming Experience

The major goal of having a swimming pool is so that people can have a nice time among other reasons. Energy-efficient swimming is the answer to this because it ensures that the pool is always in optimum conditions to serve everyone every time.

Improve your Pool Energy Efficiency with Atlas pools

Energy-efficient pools make swimming safe and peaceful for you and your friends. You don't have to worry about endangering the environment or causing health hazards to yourself. You also don't have to be bothered about the cost of electricity consumed. With energy-efficient pools, you can swim for as long as you love.

However, you need the help of experts to help you install the necessary equipment to make it effective. Attempting to do it yourself may result in some damage to the pool and you don't want that.

Atlas Pools have the best and latest technology and would be glad to help you with your energy-efficient pools. They also have years of experience which shows they know their onions.

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