How to Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

How to Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Pool Screen enclosures are used to protect pools against debris, pests and other unwanted materials. A pool without a screen enclosure has no protection against the elements and can easily become dirty or contaminated.

Hence, it is good to be particular about the condition of your pool screen enclosure and note how to constantly keep it clean.

Actually, you can't stop your pool screen enclosure from getting dirty, but you can be intentional with the cleaning. Leaving it unattended can weaken your pool screen.

This can further cause damage and repair costs that can be avoided when you have scheduled cleaning.

How To Ensure the Cleanliness of Your Pool Screen Enclosure.

Here are some things you can do to ensure your pool screen enclosure stays clean

1. Use Soap, Water and Other Cleaning Materials

Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Most times all your pool screen enclosure requires is just a routine cleaning with soap and water. This will work especially if you clean regularly. It also prevents the accumulation of stubborn dirt at high-reaching locations.

The major items needed are mild soap, water and a very bristle cleaning item like a broom or scrubs. Although it is quite stressful, it works.

To use it, first mix the soap with warm water. Using warm water and scrub, wash off the surface of the screen enclosure.

2. Use Bleach for Stains and Stubborn Dirt

Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

As you pay attention to cleaning your screen enclosure, you will discover that some stains won't be easily removed by routine cleaning with soap and water. You will have to find a stronger stain and dirt removal.

This is where bleach comes in, it removes stubborn dirt and stains. You must be careful not to use it in excess amounts. This is to prevent damage to the pool screen enclosure.

Although bleach is efficient for cleansing tough stains, it's not advisable to use it often . It can compromise the functionality and aesthetics of your screen enclosure. The ideal measurement for the use of bleach is 3 spoonfuls of bleach in 1 litre of water inside a bucket.

Make sure you protect your hand with gloves. Also, use items with long handles and soft scrubs.

3. Use Mild Disinfectant

The idea behind a screen enclosure is to protect your pool against dirt generally by creating a barrier between your pool and the exterior environment. This barrier creates an atmosphere within your pool surrounding that encourages the growth of algae, molds, fungi and other disease-causing organisms.

This is why it is advisable to make use of mild disinfectants that will eliminate this organism and make your swimming pool safe for use.

4. Pressure Pumps

Some dirt and germs just won't go away with bleaching and normal washing. In such cases, you might need to use pumps with hoses that allow water to come out at a controlled pressure.

What is ideal is to start with a lower pressure and then you gradually increase the pressure while carefully observing the pool screen. Observing the pool screen would help you keep the right pressure without adding too much.

The force of the water should be able to dislodge attached debris and germs. But not enough to damage the pool screen.

5. Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Water

Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Vinegar is popular for its effectiveness as a disinfectant and generally as a cleaning agent. You can use it in place of a mild disinfectant. Vinegar also has more safety than chlorine-based cleaning agents.

To achieve an effective cleaning solution, a mixture of vinegar and water at an equal ratio is the way to go. You can then find a scrub to clean the specific areas you need to disinfect.

Another major advantage of using vinegar solution is that you don't need to rinse after the scrub, you can just leave it to air-dry because when you do so, the vinegar solution left after cleaning is acidic and has a purifying effect on the surrounding air.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Generally speaking, it can be difficult to clean pool screens due to how easily they can get damaged. Chances are one may want to avoid cleaning altogether. However, this isn't advisable. Not cleaning your pool screen enclosure for a long time allows molds and dirt to pile up and these can ultimately lead to wear or damage.

With proper maintenance, your pool screen enclosure should last for about 15 years depending on the type of enclosure and the materials used to make the screen. It is recommended to deeply clean your pool screen enclosure every 12 months or a maximum of 18 months.

This largely depends on the weather conditions and your environment. However, routine cleaning can be done to remove dirt once every 3 months.

Let the Professionals Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

You might have tried cleaning your pool screen at a point and discovered you can't do it without damaging the pool screen. You are not alone, you don't have to worry about it.

You can hire a professional to do it for you. All you have to do is decide the frequency of the cleaning, which can be worked out in a cleaning schedule. Professionals know just the most effective cleaning method that will work for your pool screen without causing damage.

Atlas Pools are not just professionals, they are also experts at their work. They clean to satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of your pool. If you need a professional touch, they are just the right experts to contact.

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