How to Build a Pool Enclosure

How to Build a Pool Enclosure

There is nothing quite like taking a break from the heat and humidity of a Florida day to enjoy a refreshing swim in your own pool. However, if you don't have the right protection, you and the people you care about could put yourself at risk of uncomfortable circumstances and health problems.

You will be relieved to know that you may escape this predicament by installing a high-quality pool enclosure. A pool enclosure allows you to enjoy your pool anytime regardless of the weather. So, let's get into how you can build a pool enclosure.

What Is a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

A swimming pool enclosure is exactly what one would expect from hearing that name. They're not just a fence; they're much more than that. They are large, sturdy structures that physically enclose the swimming pool. Typically they are made from huge panes of glass or polycarbonate.

Metal beams, often produced from a high-grade aluminum alloy, hold the panels together so they may be installed. Wood may be used in the construction of the frame of some high-end enclosures. In contrast to a pool cover, a pergola, or any other type of barrier you might put over the pool, the final product still allows a significant amount of sunshine to enter.

Steps to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Step 1: Preparation

Putting in a screened enclosure for a pool requires acquiring the necessary tools, supplies, labor force, and providing adequate space to utilize these factors.

Before starting any building, you must remove any furniture or plants from that area. It is a good idea to ensure that the workers have access to electricity and a clear path.

Step 2: Land Preparation

After those preparations, you might have to prepare the land itself. It may require clearing or leveling. Any plant life and other debris may need to be cleared away. If the land in question is sloped in any way, it will be necessary to level it out.

Step 3: Make a Sturdy Frame

Because of Florida's sweltering heat, hurricane-force winds, and corrosive sea air, selecting high-quality building materials is necessary. Although using higher-quality materials will likely increase the initial cost of your pool screen enclosure, this investment will typically pay off in the long run because of the greater durability and less upkeep costs. Wood and steel are ideal materials. Aluminum is a good alternative as it is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight.

Step 4: Set up Screens

The modern screen for pool enclosures consists of more than just grids. The screening windows and doors products can protect users from insects and the sun's rays and have greater durability to withstand the antics of people, insects/bugs, and potential wildlife surprises such as gators.

When choosing the screens for the enclosure around your pool, pick a model that suits your requirements.

Step 5: Obtain Permit

The requirements of building codes and the procedures for obtaining permits are frequently considered burdensome. However, complying with these regulatory standards will ensure that your newly installed swimming pool screen enclosure is safe and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Reasons to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure

There are many reasons why you would want to build a pool enclosure. Here are some of our favorites!

Privacy and Safety

Pool enclosures give swimmers additional privacy while preventing potential intruders from gaining access to the pool. They also protect by obstructing the path to the pool for children and animals.

Protection from the Elements

Not only do pool enclosures allow you to continue using your pool even when the weather is at its worst, but certain versions also shield you from the sun's potentially damaging ultraviolet rays helping prevent the risk of skin cancer.

They Extend Pool Time

By enclosing your pool, you can say goodbye to having a brief period during which you can swim and instead enjoy its benefits throughout the entire year.

Enclosures for swimming pools help make it possible to use the pool regardless of the temperature or the time of year.

Reduced Operating Expenses

A pool enclosure, much like a swimming pool cover, will reduce the money you spend on maintaining your pool.

By reducing the amount of water that evaporates and keeping heat and moisture from escaping, an enclosure will, over time, lower the amount of money needed to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature.

Building a DIY Pool Enclosure vs. Hiring a Pool Enclosure Contractor

When browsing the aisles of your neighborhood DIY home improvement center, perhaps you became interested in the pool enclosure kits. Should you construct a pool screen enclosure yourself?

Like many other aspects of life, a quality pool enclosure installation is more challenging than it you may think. Whatever your proficiency is as a handyman, it's best to delegate this to trained professionals. Here's why.

Design Restrictions

When you use pool enclosure kits, your options are constrained because you have to choose from only the offered kits.

No concessions are needed if you use a professional pool enclosure contractor. The experienced screen enclosure installation business can craft a one-of-a-kind pool enclosure tailored to your preferences and optimizes the available space.

In addition, these experts are experienced with both time-tested items and the most recent materials, enabling them to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various solutions with you and highlight alternatives you may otherwise overlook.

Safety and Dependability

How handy would you say you are? Are you familiar with the various instruments and supplies required to construct a pool enclosure? What should you do if you face problems installing your DIY pool enclosure?

Remember that working near a swimming pool involves additional intricacy. In addition to providing protection, the enclosure's dependability against the weather in Florida is an important consideration.

You won't have to stress about that if you work with a reputable business specializing in pool enclosures. Their team will construct and install your new screen enclosure correctly because they have the experience and tools necessary to do so.

Ability for Savings

Purchasing a pool enclosure kit would be more cost-effective than hiring someone. That's a common saying, but just because you hear it doesn't mean it's accurate. Using a professional could save you money by preventing rookie but expensive avoiding errors.

When you add up the cost of the enclosure kit and other materials or tools you may need to buy or rent to complete the project, you'll find that it could be more cost-effective than it seems. Also, consider how many hours it will take to get everything together and finish the job.

When the cost of a do-it-yourself enclosure is contrasted with the estimate provided by a professional company, the do-it-yourself option will likely not come out as the bargain.

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