• Skip Eubanks

    Dear Bruce,

    As I am sure you are aware, my pool has been substanitially completed, and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received from all of the folks on your team, particularly Dave Center, Steve Felices, Jason and Martin.  Steve's work in helping design the pool was great, and Dave's supervision throughout the project was outstanding.  Additionally, the rock work which Jason did on the pool really adds to the overall design.  He did a great job and was very accommodating in my requests for both designs and colors.

    While there were delays in the project, I feel that overall everything was done in a very business like and reasonably prompt manner.  I would have no problem recommending Atlas Pools of Central Florida to friends or family.  This is not an insignificant gesture since I have had negative experiences with other pool companies in the Central FLorida area and would never recommend them.  I appreciate everything you guys did.

    Once again, I want to thank you, Dave, Steve, Martin, Jason and all the folks that participated in building my pool.  The pool looks great and I have already received numerous compliments.  I look forward to years of trouble free enjoyment.

    E.H. "Skip" E.

  • Fred Brown

    Hi Steve,

    I do apologize for me taking so long to get this to you.  We absolutely love our pool and can't wait for next summer!!!!  Hope all is well with you.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.   
    I wanted to write in and let you know how much we appreciate our experience with Atlas. Our dream was to build a pool and Atlas pools definitely made that dream come true.  Our entire experience with Atlas Pools has been absolutely wonderful.  I would 100% recommmend Atlas Pools to anyone interested in building a pool.  Steve Felices is wonderful and was a complete pleasure to work with.  He came to our house to talk with us and we knew immediately this was the company we wanted to build our pool.  Steve was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and said we could call anytime we had questions.  Well, I called, and he answered our questions.  He explained the entire process to us so we always knew what was going on.  Steve was able to come up with a pool that met all our needs and within our budget which was extremely important and and we couldn't have asked for anything more.  Steve is a definite asset to Atlas.  We met Martin and David as well during this process and they too were both very helpful whenever we had any questions and we appreciate all the information they gave us.  David was here a lot making sure everything was done and done right.  Our sloped yard presented a few challenges, but there were never any problems at all, or any that we were aware of anyway.  Everyone we dealt with in person or on the phone were just really great.  The whole process was very stress free and the weather actually cooperated too which made the process all that much better.  We would like to thank everyone at Atlas for making our Florida dream come true and truly appreciate everything.

    Fred and Tracey B.
    Oviedo, FL

  • Armando Fuentes


    I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to you and your entire staff; a company is as good as its people and obviously you have done a great job in selecting your personnel.
    All of your subcontractors were always on time, left the area very safe and cleaned, while  comporting themselves in a very professional matter.  During said process, my neighbor Steve, who will be building a pool in the future, was very impressed with the expeditious process of my project and will most definitely consider doing business with Atlas.  
    Bruce, my due diligence process was intense and I interviewed several top Orlando builders and can say with the utmost confidence that Atlas is the best when it comes to industry knowledge, fair competitive pricing, professional caring staff with a multitude of related knowledge & services under one roof, including but not limited to, warranty servicing, pool cleaning services, solar company, etc.
    In my opinion, anyone risking doing business with someone not as well established must be crazy. I know Atlas will be there to service my pool years to come and that means piece of mind.  


    Armando (A very happy customer)!
  • Brooke Bonnett


    Your team has been fantastic! We required a little more tlc today...from snake parts being dropped in the pool from a hawk, to Brandon having to then net out the hawk droppings after the hawk enjoyed his breakfast, to David solving our runaway water meter issue and the mystery 27k gallons we have used in 14 days ....it was quite an interesting day:-) on top of all of it, they had to school us in "pool school"...and we aren't the sharpest tools in the shed..atleast i'm not!

    David is a rock star....but of course you already know that! We love our pool....are extremely happy with Steve's beautiful design for our yard....and are thankful for your team, your company and your willingness to go above and beyond to make things perfect!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    Warm regards,

  • Scott Mickenberg

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for the email.  I've been meaning to send you an email since we met you in the design center a couple of weeks ago.
    First off, let me say that we are extremely happy with the way the pool turned out!  We took many pictures during the construction process.  It was amazing to see the yard get torn up and then see the hole and then see it all come together in the end.
    Steve Felices was great to work with.  He met with us in the beginning and walked us through all of our options.  I'm sure we drove him nuts in the beginning because we weren't sure if we were going to go with the solar heating system.  Steve had a lot patience with us and he was always available to answer any questions.  Steve had to change the paramaters of the pool on a few occassions due to our ongoing battle with the City of Oviedo on the easements (if you recall, it was a battle with them!).  Each time we had to make a change to the layout, due to a change from the city, Steve was quick to accommodate.  Steve even stopped by during construction to check on things and touchbase with us.  I can tell that Steve is very knowledgeable and this proved to be an advantage for us having him as our design consultant. 
    Dave was our construction manager and he just kept the ball rolling.  I know Dave was working his tail off keeping the sub contractors moving and keeping on top of everything (we thank him for that).  He gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him at anytime with questions.  I called him on numerous occassions and he was always willing to speak with me and answer my questions.  Anytime he told me a date to expect the next step in the construction process he was right on the money.  I heard a lot of sub contractor stories from our friends about the crappy workmanship that was done on their pools and how rude their sub contractors were from their pool company.  Not the case with you guys!  Dave and all of the sub contractors were there to work and get the job done right.
    We mentioned to Steve and Dave that we wanted to get the pool done before mid September.  We had heard horror stories from our friends (who had pools installed by other companies) on how long it took for their pool to be completed (some said 4 months and some said 6-9 months).  Our pool was complete in 5 weeks.  It actually took 4 weeks to the day to complete the pool and then another week to get the solar installed and the final deck paint.  But we were swimming in it by the end of August.  We were very impressed by this!  The first to jump in the pool were my two daughters (of course!) but my wife and I were quick to follow. 
    I was a bit nervous in the beginning due to the restrictions that the city of Oviedo put on us.  I thought the pool was going to be too slim and not big enough but it turned out beautifully and I am very impressed with it. 
    A big thank you to Steve, Dave and the entire team at Atlas Pools for making this a quick and positive experience!  We love the pool and have recommended you to our friends.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from us from time to time as I have questions that come up.  But I know you will always be there to answer them!
    Thank you!
    Scott and Melissa M
  • Randi S


    Hi Bruce,
    We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for building us a wonderful pool!  Everyone involved Fred, David, Ken, Martin, and all of the workers on the job,  were more than professional and courteous - we could not ask for a better experience.  Our big concern was the timeline and it was met to exceed expectations, a feat not easy in this unpredictable weather.  Every worker on the job praised David and said he was always on top of everything to make sure that the workmanship was  exceptional; he was indeed here everyday to double check everything and to make sure things were done.   A special shout out to Fred; if not for him we probably would not have built a pool.  He was informative, reassuring and always available if we had any questions - yet he was not pushy which was very much appreciated.
    You have a wonderful team representing your company and would be more than happy to recommend Atlas Pools to any customer you may have considering your services.   Once again, thank you for everything.
    All the best,
    Randi and Barbara
  • Tod Y


    My experience with Atlas Pools was excellent.  The pool designer listened to all of my needs and wants and designed a spectacular pool and outdoor living area that met all of my criteria and complemented the footprint of my home.  From beginning to end, the customer service was superior.  Everyone involved in the project treated it as it they were installing the pool in their own back yard.  They took great pride in their craftsmanship and in the end, delivered a quality-built pool and spa that I enjoy everyday.  After the pool was completed, I continued to get follow-ups to ensure everything was performing as intended and they always made themselves available to assist me with any other questions I had about the pool or its operations.  I highly recommend Atlas Pools to anyone considering building a swimming pool and/or spa.  You will be very happy with the attention to detail and personal service from everyone invilved in the process.

    Tod Y.
    Higher Advertising, Inc.

  • Tim T


    Last Saturday David came out to provide me with training on how to maintain and operate my pool which brought to closure my pool installation.  I would like to say thank you for completing my pool so quickly.  I am impressed with the quality of the pool finish, concrete work, pump installation, and screen enclosure - I commend you on your selection of your subcontractors.  I have had three pools installed in my lifetime - not one is equal to the quality of my Atlas Pool.  Never had I had one of my pool installations supervised and co-ordinated so effectively.  David did an outstanding job taking care of me as your customer.  He was informative, knowledgeable, and has that "can-do" attitude.  Godspeed! If i ever require another pool or service Atlas Pools will be my only call.

    Tim T.
    Orlando, FL

  • Otis Smith

    Bruce & the entire Atlas Pools team,
    My backyard has always been a place where i have been able to read, spend time with my family, or just relax.  When I contacted you regarding possibly adding a spa to my pool, the notion of removing the entire existing pool and replacing it with a new pool and spa never crossed my mind, but after meeting with you, your construction manager and designer, I realized that to obtain tghe best possible result that was the right course of action.
    Your designer was able to design the new pool to not only fit all the expectations and desires I had envisioned, but to also invcorporate those ideas within the framework of the elements I already had in the backyard, including using some of the pavers that were already there to save on cost.
    From the rock waterfall to the new spa, your team delivered everything promised and have been there to answer any questions or address any service related issues immediately that have arisen since the completion of the construction process.  That level of responce along with the weekly pool service you are providing is making the pool essecntially maintence free for me.
    My backyard is now a place where I can once again enjoy my family and friends, but now with an updated tropical feel.  I would be more than appy to recommend Atlas Pools to anyone looking to add a swimming pool to their backyard.
    Thanks again to you entire team.
    Otis Smith
    General Manager
    Orlando Magic
  • Jeremy M

    I am writing to express my gratitude for such great service while putting in my pool,screen and paver's. Randy first came to my family’s home and drew up a beautiful design and right there we decided to go with Atlas Pools based on the professionalism and price that Randy and Atlas Pools provided. We are so happy with our new pool and we are enjoying it every weekend. Randy and David made the process painless; everything that was promised was delivered in a professional and timely matter. They both were always there with any question we had. I would refer them to all my friends and family with ease. We would like to say thank you to Atlas Pools… especially Randy and David, thanks guys!!!


    Jeremy M.
    Oviedo, FL

  • Leonardo C

    Dear Mr. Wemple,


    Building a pool is a big investment for any household. During these tough economic times, building a pool requires even more thought than usual in order to ensure that you are making the right decision and that your money is well spent. A couple of months ago, my wife and I decided to take this big step and received proposals from three major companies, including yours. Needless to say, Atlas was our choice from the beginning. Our first impression of Atlas came from Randall. He not only listened to us, but also made his recommendations based on his years’ experience. The information he gave us was very valuable and was necessary to ensure we made the right design decisions for our money. Other companies would simply not listen to what we wanted and flat-out told us that we had no experience designing and to leave it up to them. For every idea we had, they had a reason not to do it. This was not only frustrating, but we felt like they wanted to spend our money the way they wanted to. Another company didn't’t show any interest, and we were the ones who had to follow up constantly. Once our decision had been made, we were not disappointed.

    In three weeks and two days our pool was ready to swim in! The short time it took to build our pool in no way affected the quality of the work. On the other hand, we constantly saw how professional Atlas was. David was the second impression we had of Atlas and he kept up to our expectations. The construction went like clock-work. For example, as soon and the rebar was placed, David had already spoken with the county inspector and had coordinated his visit for the very next day. Over and over again, David was ahead, efficiently planning the next stage of the construction prior to the previous’ completion. David also proved he is a very patient man. My wife would drive me crazy, constantly insisting I call him to find out what was going to be done next and when, yet David would always answer or promptly return my calls each and every time.

    I would like to mention the plastering crew; these guys were amazing. They worked like a real team and made a lasting impression on us, and as with the other crews, they were super clean and organized.

    Given the large sum of money it takes to build a pool, we definitely made the right decision in selecting Atlas. For these and many other reasons too lengthy to put on paper, we will highly recommend your company to anyone we speak to regardless of whether they’ll build a pool or not. Our pool is the oasis we always dreamed of, but never thought possible. Atlas made our dreams come true.

    Leonardo C.

  • Brad G

    We meet with with several pool contractors prior to Atlas Pools. However, Atlas' pricing and the recommendation from Scott made the decision easier. Fred Hale's design and options were well received and meet our expectations. We will refer Atlas Pools to friends and family.


    Brad G.

  • Tim & Lisa

    We are extremely happy with the whole process of adding a pool to our home. Randall came to our home and was very confident that Atlas was the company to create our pool. I worked with Randall on what we had in mind and let him add this creative flair. During our meeting at our home Randall cut his pitch short so we could ride my neighborhood to view pools they had built. It really said a lot to knock on someones door unannounced along with Randall and hear real feedback. If previous customers were not satisfied a sales person would not have used this technique. Every customer/neighbor I met said they were very happy. Randall gave me his card and told me he would work on our design and get back with me later that day, it was already 4PM. Also gave Lisa and myself some time to talk over Randall's visit. Well Randall was true to his word and 5:15 we had 2 possible designs emailed to us. The one was exactly what we wanted. I was sold, Atlas and Randall were the company we wanted to build our pool and made plans to sign the paperwork.


    The whole process with the construction was great as well. Every single deadline of the time-line given to us was met on time if not met early. My wife is pretty demanding and every question or concern was answered by either Randall or the project manager, David, very timely. Everything went according to plan without any major set backs. We were very happy with every company that did work on our pool from the dig out company to the screen to the final paint/texture.

    We have recommended Atlas to some of our colleagues from work and plan on using Atlas on our next home when we build it. We use our pool several times a week and agree this was worth the investment. When we built this house I didn't want the hassle of a pool, now I will not live without one again.

    Tim and Lisa T.

  • Mike, Roz & Ellen

    Dear Mr. Wemple,


    I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job your company did building our dream pool. The finished product has exceeded our expectations and I would like to specifically commend the efforts of two individuals.

    Our designer Robert Ramos was a pleasure to deal with right from the start. Having interviewed and receiving bids from 3 reputable pool builders, it was Atlas Pools that stood out from the rest thanks to Robert. He gave us valuable information on the background and financial standing of your company, listened to what we wanted, advised us on the best way to achieve our goals, and then designed us the perfect pool. Robert Ramos is a polished professional and an asset to your company. He was patient, gave us options, yet never tried to sell us anything. I would need many pages to list all his positive attributes so I will conclude by saying that Mr. Ramos was the reason we chose Atlas Pools and we are so glad we did.
    Once construction started, David Center took over and we seamlessly went from design/contract phase to the build stage. Dave Center started an aggressive build schedule and did everything he said he would do. More importantly to us, he did it when he said it would be done. He would always call us with updates and we were swimming in just under 7 weeks from contract...AMAZING! We are so fortunate that Mr. Center directed and supervised the building of our pool.

    In closing, we would just like to advise and potential new customers for Atlas Pools that we did our homework, researched, compared, and it was clear to us that Atlas Pools beat the competition hands down. Thanks again to Robert Ramos for going above and beyond and for his prompt and courteous follow-up to any inquiry. Kudos to Dave Center for a beautiful finished product.

    Mike, Roz and Ellen M.

  • Carl & Michele

    Everyone at Atlas Pools,

    Thank you for making our pool purchase a positive experience. Randall's knowledge and experience helped us design a really great pool suited to our particular needs. Dave and his crew made that design a reality in a timely and efficient manner. We had some particular design issues which caused some construction problems. These things were resolved because of Dave's knowledge and interest in building the pool that we wanted. We highly recommend Atlas Pools and have a beautiful product for our family to enjoy.

    Carl and Michele G.

  • Matthew T

    Dear Dick,


    I apologize for not sending this letter to you until now. I would have sent it to you much sooner, but I've been too busy enjoying my wonderful new pool.

    I want to acknowledge your foreman David Center and everyone at Atlas for exceeding our expectations (which were quite high) and building the perfect pool for us to our exacting specifications. Although I am not typically a fan of the construction process, the experience we enjoyed with Atlas Pools was exceptional; from our first meeting with you through every step of the process working with Dave to completion and our first swim. We are tremendously pleased with every aspect of the finished product.

    As you know, I am happy to and have referred family and friends to Atlas. The greatest compliment that I can extend to you is that I would welcome the opportunity to hire Atlas again to build my next pool.

    Best wishes for the continued success of your business!

    Very truly yours,
    Matthew T. P.A.

  • Morris Family

    Dear Bruce, Randall, David and Company,


    I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful experience I had from start to finish on my pool.

    At the onset, I was completely impressed with our pool designer, Randall. When he arrived to our home for our first meeting, he already had a pool design, complete with deck, light, equipment, screen, and the back of our house drawn on his laptop computer using the coolest software, all from asking only a few questions on the phone. He was so professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He was very patient while we asked him to make each requested change. The finished product ended up being very close to his original picture. I was amazed! His organizational skills, creativity, and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. The recommendations he made helped us turn a very small plain backyard into a beautiful pool for our family.

    Once the design was finalized, our construction superintendent David took over. He called to introduce himself to us, informed us that the permit was approved, and asked when he could get started. Six weeks later, we were using our new pool!! There was constant communication by David throughout the entire project. He and his crew were the epitome of professionalism, and their expertise showed in each and every phase of our pool. When the kids and I would arrive home at the end of each day, it was quite humorous to see how fast we ran from the front door, through the house, to the back door to see what exciting surprise David had left for us!

    We couldn't have made a better decision than to hire Atlas Pools. Everyone involved and every aspect of the project was perfect. We have already and will continue to recommend your company to anyone wanting the best experience and most beautiful finished product.

    With Sincere Thanks,
    The Morris Family

  • Jay & Susan



    I live in an area of town where most homes have pools, and most home owner's have horror stories about their pool builders. After alot of research, my wife and I contracted with Atlas Pools. This proved to be a great choice. We were given expert advise, professional design assistance, and prompt honest answers to our questions and concerns. Our pool was finished within 6 weeks of the day we signed our contract while many of our neighbors spent 6 months or more "fighting" to get their pools finished. Every aspect of our pool's construction was handled in the same professional and courteous manner. No fights, no delays, no broken promises and no regrets. I couldn't imagine building a pool with anyone else.

    Jay and Susan L.

  • Don & Donna

    Randall and Dave,


    I want to thank you both for an exceptional pool buying experience from the sales process to and through the construction process. Randy helped us put together an excellent pool design and total pool building experience, with a price that we thought fair and equitable. We appreciate your help throughout the pool buying process.

    Dave was a consummate professional and always was patient with the myriad of pool questions a new pool buyer had. We have nothing but accolades from start to finish for the whole pool building experience.

    Thanks Again for a beautifully built pool. We are completely satisfied and would recommend your services to everyone.

    Don and Donna G.

  • Andy R

    Just taking time out during the Holiday Season to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


    Along with the holiday wishes I wanted to specifically thank Richard and David (along with their co-workers) for the professionalism and timeliness that we experienced throughout our recent Pool construction and installation with Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc.
    From the very first meeting Richard set extremely high expectations, and David set very aggressive milestones and they never disappointed. Every person that my wife or I interacted with throughout the process helped us understand exactly what had happened, what was happening and what was to happen next.

    Everyone understands that price is a huge factor in determining who to choose when purchasing a pool, and certainly Atlas represented a perfectly fair price in the marketplace, but when all is said and done it is the workmanship, positive (can-do) attitude, professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail that truly matters most, and I can say without hesitation that these qualities permeate throughout the Atlas Pools organization.
    Having gone through Pool installations with other Florida companies in the past, I can tell you that Atlas Pools is by far the #1 Pool company in Central Florida.

    Thank you again, Richard and David for being great representatives of Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. and please enjoy your holiday season!!

    Andy R
    Stromberg Sales Manager - Southeast

  • Jonathan D

    Mr. Wemple,


    I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Atlas Pools, especially, our designer and salesman, Randall.

    From the moment we met with Randall, I knew we were going to go with Atlas Pools. We had met with several other respectable and reputable companies' designers, but never felt the comfort and trust that I did with Randall.

    Once we decided upon using Randall and Atlas Pools, we felt that we were a primary concern. Throughout the design and construction process, Randall was very patient and attentive and always addressed any concerns or questions very quickly. We were very happy with our experience and would strongly recommend Randall and Atlas Pools to anyone.

    Jonathan D., MSN, ARNP

  • John V

    Dear. Mr. Wemple,


    Most often you receive letters of dissatisfaction and frustration. I however would like to take this time to write you about a very pleasurable experience my partner and I had.
    I called Atlas Pools a few eeks ago to obtain an estimate on building a pool. I was then contacted by Robert. When he called he asked what I was looking for and if I had anything in mind or did I want him to come out and meet and discuss the project. I told him to come out that we had no idea what we had in mind. Robert asked if there was anyone else involved in making the decisions, I said yes, John. Robert responded OK you and your partner and I will meet on Wednesday at 6:PM.

    He was extremely professional when I mentioned John. There are people that will react negatively to a person's lifestyle.

    He was prompt and very eager to assist and he did not come across as a "sales person" but rather a design consultant.

    Moving forward Robert became very connected to what we were looking for in our pool project and was able to produce a draft in no time. We sat down together and made modifications as well as upgrades and additions. John and I never once felt any of the conversations were geared toward his commission but rather our budget and our needs.

    Again, I would like to convey our sincere gratitude for the professionalism, kindness, and respect that Robert displayed throughout the entire process. You should be proud to have someone such as Robert representing your company.

    Best regards,
    John V.

  • Rochelle & Sean

    Dear Randall and Dave,


    We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service we got from both of you in installing our new pool.

    During the sales process, Randall was well-informed and made several useful suggestions to our pool design, which we incorporated - and with which we are very happy. You delivered on the promises you made.

    Prior to our decision to go with Atlas, we phoned several of the clients on Randall's referral list: They all commented that "as long as Dave is supervising the building - then everything will go according to plan" - and so it did. Your subcontractors all arrived when you said they would and we have been very pleased with their workmanship. I think this was the fastest pool installation in our neighborhood!

    Thanks for your professionalism and your patience!

    Yours sincerely,
    Rochelle and Sean J.

  • Julie K

    Dear Mr. Wemple,


    I am writing this letter to commend your team for building a beautiful pool for us. After interviewing several pool companies, we made the right decision and had your company build our dream pool.

    It all started by working with Robert who helped me devise my imagination into a plan. Within a few weeks, he was able to complete the design and help me make selections on materials to be used for the project that fit within my budget. Being as scrupulous as I am when it comes to attention to detail particularly in decor, Robert definitely played an instrumental part in our decision to select your company as our pool builder. His enthusiasm and professionalism were superior to others, or at least from all eight companies that we've encountered. I do remember after we completed the design, I immediately wanted the pool in my backyard.
    One of the significant challenges my husband and I have is the slope in our backyard, we did not think it would be possible for us to build the pool we wanted given the restriction we have on our property. After meeting with David (prior to making our decision to sign a contract with Atlas Pools), we immediately knew he would be able to work through the issues we faced with the city. Despite a few struggles with the city and weather delays, he had the pool up and running in less than two months which was ahead of the schedule. We, our neighbors and friends, were so impressed with the progress and David's determination to complete the pool according to the contract terms. Not only did he do his part, you can count on his help with other matters involved around pool construction outside of his realms of responsibilities. Anyone who has been involved or worked with any type of construction knows that no such thing is as smooth sailing, but if you have someone like David working on your side, you really have nothing to worry about at the end.

    We want to send you a thank you note for building us our dream pool and also let you know that you have the best team in Central Florida. If we can be of any reference to your company please do not hesitate to contact us. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone who's looking t build a pool here locally.

    Julie K.

  • Baypoint Homes

    Dear Bruce:


    I was compelled to write to you because of the exemplary attention that was paid to the pool construction at my personal residence.

    Atlas Pools has been the pool contractor for my business for approximately two years and the feed back from my field personal has always been extremely positive. But until I experienced the professionalism from pool design through completion could I really appreciate the exceptional nature of Atlas Pools.

    Thank you to you and your highly qualified staff for making the pool building aspect of our home building business effortless. Please use Baypointe Homes and myself in particular as a reference I would be most happy to speak to anyone regarding your excellent company. May all customers be as satisfied as Baypointe Homes clients are. Sincerely,

    Janet Bowers
    Vice President of Baypointe Homes

  • Jim R

    Dear Bruce,


    The construction phase began on our new Atlas Pool this week. However, I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the design and sales phase. In a nutshell, Robert did an outstanding job, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the service and product provided us.
    Robert listened to all our needs and concerns and designed a pool that should meet all of our expectations. He was always more than willing to take our requests for changes back to the table and redesign the plan, making it better and better with each revision. Robert educated us on various aspects of pool design and construction and made sure that we knew what we were getting. He made numerous recommendations that prompted us to rethink some of our ideas, and he gave us new ideas that we had never even considered.

    Robert has excellent organizational and communication skills. He always completed his work in the time frame he promised (usually the following day), and he kept us updated throughout the entire process. He never dropped the ball on anything.

    Before selecting Atlas, we sought design plans and proposals from three different local pool companies. Although the other two pool companies were well-established and the designers were very experienced, they came nowhere near Robert in regard to expertise, professionalism, and customer service. Even though we have friends who have pools constructed by the other two companies, we elected to go with Atlas. This decision was based primarily on Robert, coupled with rave reviews we got from homeowners who have Atlas pools.

    I just wanted you to know what a valuable employee you have in Robert. He created on paper what we know will be a beautiful pool that we will enjoy for many years. Robert is an excellent ambassador for Atlas Pools, and he represents your company in a most positive fashion.
    Tonight the pool is a skeleton of steel, and I can't wait for the design we have on paper to continue to take shape.

    Jim R.

  • McG Family

    To the Staff at Atlas Pools,


    Thank-you so much for the great work you did on our beautiful pool. It is a pleasure to work with such friendly, helpful people. Were so glad we went with Atlas again for our second pool.

    The McG Family

  • Walt & Nancy

    Dear Dick,


    Walt and I would like to thank you for building a fantastic pool for our family. The team you have working for you is very professional and exact to detail. The pool looks great. Our only regret is that we did not build it sooner.
    It was a pleasure working with your organization. We will, and have recommended Atlas Pools to those who ask.

    Deacon Walt and Nancy

  • Haines Construction

    Dear Bruce and Employees of Atlas Pools:


    I am writing to you at Atlas Pools to commend your company on the construction of my pool. I debated about whether or not to put a pool in and I am so happy with my decision to use Atlas Pools. Their completion of my pool was in a very timely manner and handled very professionally. I am very particular about my home and the surrounding areas, due to the fact that I am a contractor myself and can be very demanding on people and projects. The staff at Atlas Pools, from the field people to the owner, was always very willing to listen and take care of me as the client and for that I wanted to say Thank You and job well done. I would (and have) recommend Bruce Wemple and Atlas Pools to anyone without hesitation. From design to completion, I could not be happier with the product.

    Richard Haines
    President of R.L. Haines Construction

  • Michelle



    I cannot believe it has already been a year and a half since we put in our pool. I guess the old saying 'time flies when you're having fun' must be true. I am so proud to report that I never did have to hire a pool service; I simply get the water tested 2 times a month and follow their orders. Luckily with a Black bottom pool when I am slacking on my job no one can tell (we have not had a green pool that I know of, yet).

    Also, I just got a new camera and wanted to send the picture of the baby (2 yrs old) swimming like a fish. We have so much fun in our back yard oasis; Thanks again for doing an amazing job! Please tell the guys I said Hello.

    Michelle CRPS®, CFP®
    Portfolio Manager

  • Marc & Mayra



    We wanted to thank you for the excellent job your company did with making our pool a reality. We are so happy witht he final result. The entire process went smooth. We are happy our final choice was Atlas Pools over all the other pool companies. Don't ever change the way you run your business and your personal touch with your customers. Please feel free to give our name to anyone that needs a reference, we would love to share our personal experience with anyone considering Atlas Pools. Please thank Dave for his outstanding attention to detail.

    Thank you,
    Marc & Mayra

  • Nancy F



    We visited several pool companies before we decided on Atlas, we are so glad that we did. Randall worked so diligently for us to get the exact design that we wanted. Our pool is still in the construction stage, but is almost done and we are thrilled with not only the craftsmanship, and service, but the time it is taking to finish our pool. We have heard of many horror storis about people waiting many months for their pools to be completed, but Atlas is moving very quickly and efficiently, with most courteous and reliable staff.

    Randall is a pleasure to work with and very patient with us with changes we made to our pool in the process of designing it. He is not only very professional but a good person, and those twp qualities are very hard to come by today in any type of construction service. He truly earned our trust right from the start, and that to us was most important in choosing our pool company , we are thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend Atlas Pools.

    Nancy F
    Orlando, FL

  • Sean C

    To whom it may concern:


    We recently had a pool built by Atlas and had a fantastic experience. From our initial consultation with pool designer Randall Schmidt through the construction with foreman Dave Center all phases went exactly as they promised. The quality and attention to detail of their contractors was excellent. The experience we had using Atls Pools on a scale of 1 - 10 was a 10. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a pool. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if yuou have any questions regarding this matter.

    Sean C
    Oviedo, FL

  • Ken & Sarah

    Dear Atlas Pools,


    The pool looks GREAT!

    From day one, it's been a pleasure dealing with Atlas and you exceeded our expectations during the process. The quality of the pool is remarkable and the completion time was right on, about 6 weeks. Not only did you provide us a quality pool, but at a great price as well.

    The construction process was smooth sailing with very little delay. The workers were friendly to deal with and were willing to answer any questions I had. I'm very picky when it comes to quality and anything i saw that was less than perfect, it was fixed. That was a stress reliever in itself.

    A special thanks to Randall for designing the pool and providing us new ideas and recommmendations. Sarah and I would also like to thank David for staying on top of the construction process.

    We will definitely recommend Atlas in the future to our friends.

    Thanks again,
    Ken & Sarah O.

  • Ed & Peggy



    Ed and I are enjoying our pool. We have been busy remodeling our home. We are very happy with the end result of our Atlas pool. Our neighbors and friends have made many comments about the expert workmanship and the quality and of course the ontime delivery of the pool. THe contractors were very polite and cleaned up after themselves and tried to make as little construction mess as possible, as confirmed by neighbors and the HOA. Therewere no complaints! In fact from the street you could not see that our pool was under construction. Of course our grandchildren are also enjoying the pool and it gives us a great feeling of safety with the child fence around the pool. That too is esthetically pleasing.

    Our pool has added beauty and value to our home. We would recommend Atlas Pools to anyone, and as I said many have admired the quality of Atlas Pools and will be in touch with you in the future to have their pools built along with the same quality and service.

    Ed will be retiring soon and with this uneasy economy, we will be vacationing from our backyard.

    We thank you very much for the quality, service, and very pleasent experience that you have given us with the construction of our Atlas Pool. Thank you too, for the safety fence and helping to keep our grandkids safe, our pool also helps in bringing our family togther with many hapy memories.

    Ed and Peggy R

  • Suncraft

    Dear Atlas Pools,

    Thank you for a great experience woth your sales representative, Fred Hale. Fred was patient and courteous from the very beginning of the pool experience. He explained the details carefully and when the time came for the signing of the many papers Fred had all areas highlighted and ready to go. We would recommend Fred to anyone wihing to install an Atlas Pool. Thank you Atlas Pools!

    Suncraft Engineering and Construction, Corp