Enhance Your Pool Experience
One of the most enjoyable ways to spend leisure time is visiting pool-side with family and friends. Comfortable pool water offers soothing relaxation and recreation while a "too cool" pool just leaves us longing. SwimMaster Plus solar panels can help you get the most out of your pool investment by adding months to your swimming season.

SwimMaster Plus Solar Panels Fine Features Performance:
SwimMaster Plus solar panels are designed to provide as much heat to your pool as any other solar pool heater. Our proven tube-on-fin absorber captures the sun's rays dawn to dusk, January to December. SwimMaster Plus's 2" diameter, full-flow header distributes pool water to the absorber with maximum efficiency.

Several features insure that SwimMaster Plus solar panel will warm your pool for many years. This model benefits from Solar World's outstanding construction process, including our proven raw material formula, our molded header process and the stress-free results from a tube-on-fin absorber that minimizes the impact of expansion and contraction.